Find your dream job but avoid scams

Dream Job

Finding your deam job

Finding a work opportunity not only does it gives you hope of finding your dream job. But is also stressful as there are people out there who are out to get money in the desperation of finding a job.

With unemployment at its peak at about 27% in South Africa. Being in the market for a job is competitive. Scams exploit that and promise a job for 'u-drink', and to meet somewhere unrelated to the premises of the company you are applying to. Some send you an email spamming your mailbox saying they need you to resend your application as it was lost, through a fax number.

Some of these scams can be easily avoided by being aware of how the scammers operate.

*You should never pay for any work opportunity on this website or anywhere else.

Some scammers will pose as authentic big company representatives saying they will push your application forward for guaranteed job placement, ofcos this will be done for a fee and will meet somewhere but in reality, they do not work there or they are not HR representative.

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