Transcription jobs

Transcription Jobs

Transcription jobs

In recent times one becomes forced to make ends meet with another income stream or does it for extra cash to vacate at the end of the year. Whatever the case might be, we all need money, cash, bucks, pepper, etc.

There are a few options available to earn an extra income such as selling beauty products such as Windsor n Jones, Avon, selling insurance products to friends and family, etc.

Do you have internet access on a regular and can spare a few hours a week?
If so you can try your hand at transcription. Transcription is typing out what is in audio format.

Companies offering transcription freelance jobs such as transcrib.oi, remotasks. Have regular opportunities to earn money. You can earn anywhere from 0 to 300 rands a week, working from home on your PC or in some cased smart phone.

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