Relieve Stress At Work

New Year Career Resolution: What Do You Do If You Do Not Know Your Calling Yet?

These are some of the simple and most effective relieving stress at work techniques I have used which I find very useful for myself. I am sharing with you these techniques so you can use them. Of course, I am not saying it will work for you – but try it, and see if it works. Drop me an email and let me know how it went. And if you modified it, let me know how well it worked so I may share it with the rest.

1. The Mass Quick Emails
Some people just like to keep everyone copied. You can’t do anything about it. Even when it is just for your information and if you do not read if you don’t want to get caught with people saying they sent you that email. So, everyone is paranoid and wants to cover their back.

What do you do? If you are like me and want to be in the loop and read every email or even scan every email that comes in, then do it early in the morning. Get it out of the way. Having a triple-digit or even a high double-digit number in your email in-box will just give you more stress. To relieve stress at work? Clear those emails before they mount up.

2. The Standard Answer
I know this doesn’t sound right. Let me explain why I call this the standard answer. These are emails that need your reply, your decision, or your input. So go ahead and reply to them quickly. They usually need a “Please go ahead”, “I agree”, “Noted”, and the like. You know what I mean. These are the emails that if you do not answer, the next one will go, “Hi John, Your POV?” or a “Dear John, wonder if you agree?”

3. The Delayed Response
Ever delay a phone call that needs your attention? An answer you owe someone? These are some of those things that clog your mind and add stress to you without you knowing it.
Procrastinating on the matter will just add on pressure. No matter how difficult it is, just get it done. I think about the many occasions I have procrastinated on these calls. They were easy calls to make. The excuse, if you are like me it is always about it’s so easy it can wait. But meantime, it’s just at the back of your mind and you get stressed without knowing. One way to relieve stress at work is to clear out these easy things.

It can also come in the form of a promise waiting to be delivered. Small but you said it and you wanted to keep to your word. For example, the price of a particular item a competitor charges which you promised to get back to a colleague. Just look it up, pick up the phone or drop that email. Done. You would have relieved stress at work without even knowing it.

4. The Follow-Up
There will always be follow-ups and next steps if you have meetings and discussions. Do not let the “follow-up action steps” crawl up on you if you want to relieve stress at work. After a work in progress meeting, start to do the list you are supposed to do, immediately. Otherwise, before you know it the next meet is up.

Do these and you automatically relieve stress at work. You leave work knowing you have gotten more work done with less stress.

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