Powerful Words That Keep You Motivated at Work

9 Obvious and Often Not Practiced Tips

1. Discuss Don’t Complain
How often do you catch yourself complaining about others at work? Finding fault about others?

You may think you have a legitimate reason but all the complaining will not do you any good. In fact, all it does is keep you demotivated. When you do that you keep reminding yourself of how bad your work environment is.

Here are the powerful words to remember “discuss don’t complain”. What’s the difference? When you discuss, you try to understand the root cause, and you try to find a solution. When you complain you only focus on the problem and find ‘pleasure’ in dwelling on the fault of others.

2. Listen to Comprehend
Another powerful word to remember in order to keep motivated at work is “listen to comprehend”. How often do you find yourself listening to your colleague only to rebut what they say? When you have actions like that, how can you find a good work environment to keep motivated?

Next time a colleague talks, truly listen to comprehend what they are saying. Those are the powerful words to help you keep motivated at work.

3. Speak with Understanding
Have you analyzed your speech at work? Perhaps you should. How often do you hurt people with the words you say? When you use unkind words and often repeat gossips, you inevitably create an unhealthy environment for yourself and your colleagues. The other words to keep in mind in order to keep motivated at work is to speak with understanding.

Acknowledge people’s good qualities and praise them. When we focus on others’ good qualities, it also makes us feel happier.

Do an experiment, speak well of others for a few weeks. A month if you can, everyday, find someone to say something < a href=”http://www.career-success-for-newbies.com/nice-expert.html”>nice to sincerely. Even someone you do not like. Then see how your life changes and how you feel more motivated at work.

4. Help Don’t Hide
Three more powerful words to help you keep motivated at work is to “help not hide”. Whenever there is an opportunity to make yourself available for service to others, do it. The more you help others and not hide away from them when help is needed, the happier you are at work. What you are doing is building your relationship and enlarging your network. These support systems will later come to your aid too when you are in need of help.

There are of course, more powerful words that can help you keep motivated at work. But start with these. They may seem like a few small phrases, but they are not easy to do. It takes months and months of practice. But if you are able to do it for a stretch in time, you will see the difference in your motivation at work.

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