Did You Define Your Attitude at Work?

You may have your entire career plan worked out, but if you do not define your attitude to build its foundation on, then before long your plan will crumble. That’s not to say a career plan is not important. In fact, it is very important inachieving career success.

What you need to understand is that a positive attitude is even more important. So how do you define your attitude at work? For me, to define your attitude at work means deciding the values that would guide me in my working environment.

Somewhere in my career after tonnes of self-improvement books I have read, I decided I needed to define my attitude towards my career. I decided that these three values would be my clear defined attitude towards my career.

1. Pride
I know this is a tricky word. It connotes arrogance especially when one has too high an opinion of oneself. Personally, in defining my attitude – “Pride” is taken to mean self-dignity. Pride prevents you from doing just enough to get by. If you know everything you do at work has your name and signature on it, then you will give it your best shot and nothing less.

2. Passion
Just a simple plain ‘interest’ in any work or career you choose isn’t enough to bring you through the tough times. And trust me, there will be tough times. It could be an unreasonable client or an impossible time-line. However, a burning desire will pull you through these. An intense enthusiasm for all things worth doing will pull you through the toughest times.

3. Belief
In order to generate passion, it is important to believe. Only a deep believe will create the vigour and force that gives you the fuel to charge. Know that you can achieve all that you set out to do for yourself. You only need to start believing in yourself.

What is your defined attitude you take towards your work? Write them down and begin practicing.

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