In a time of urgency when it comes to skills. The students get the help that they need through learnership so that the skills shortage at that particular sector is addressed. Education is expensive and learnerships are a beacon of hope for those that are job seekers and those that want to pursue their dream of being a skilled worker.


The South African government has implemented various policies with training institutions and employers to be able to effectively bridge the gap. The employers want the skills gap to be filled timely. Merseta the accreditation body that certifies the program provided by an institution has been seemingly failing the students, with certificates taking anything from 3 months after the course has been completed to 10 months in some cases.


These students find themselves being able to do those certain jobs but not certified, making it hard for employers to employ them.


Merseta should speed up the process to remedy the skills shortage in South Africa and effectively engage with the stakeholders for faster eligibility for placement for these learners.

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